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2016 payment trends - What's to come?

1/17/2016   category: EMV Migration
Now 2016 is here, and we have another exciting year ahead in payments. As the industry changes and new payment methods evolve, great opportunities are presented for independent sales agents. Now is the perfect time to capitalize on these opportunities and keep your merchants ahead of the curve. Here's a look at five top payment trends to watch this year.
What is AirPrint for AprivaPay Plus and how does it work?

8/18/2015   category: Mobile Payments
On AprivaPay Plus version 2.2.2, a new feature exists that allows you to sync your iOS device with a wireless printer to print mobile transaction receipts.
Two Leading Taxi Apps Launch Universal Mobile Payment Functionality in New York City’s 20,000 Yellow and Green Taxis

9/10/2014   category: Mobile Payments
Two existing payment apps in New York City’s yellow and green taxis, RideLinQ® from Creative Mobile Technologies (CMT) and Verifone’s award-winning Way2ride®, have joined forces to introduce a new and improved passenger payment experience. Now, passengers will have the flexibility to use either app to securely and conveniently pay cab fares using their smartphones in any one of the nearly 20,000 yellow and green taxis in New York City.

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2016 payment trends - What's to come?

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