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Post fraud liability shift, are your merchants EMV-ready?

10/20/2015   category: EMV Migration
Oct 1, 2015 was EMV Day. After the long-awaited liability shift, who is ready for the new card security protocol and who is not? Newly released reports from The Strawhecker Group and leading insurer, The Hartford, point to broad swaths of businesses where EMV readiness is sparse. But that's OK for now, because so is card issuance.
Understanding the 2015 U.S. fraud liability shifts Version 1.0 May 2015

10/20/2015   category: EMV Migration
Some U.S. payment networks are implementing EMV fraud "liability shifts" effective October 2015. With these liability shifts fast approaching, many card issuers, merchants, acquirers and processors implementing EMV chip technology are asking, "Who is liable for what, and when, under these fraud 'liability shifts?'" The EMV Migration Forum is providing this information collected from certain payment networks to help payment industry participants better understand the corresponding network's policies.
Why the big EMV push? - Readers Speak

10/13/2015   category: EMV Migration
Isn't EMV just a way to strengthen authentication? There's a lot more to data security, so why are MasterCard and Visa forcing it on U.S. merchants? What about multifactor authentication?
EMV is coming along, slowly

10/7/2015   category: EMV Migration
n Oct. 1, 2015, the Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) protocol will become the standard for U.S. POS credit and debit card payments. So how prepared for the change are merchants and consumers? Not very.
Consumers need EMV education, too - Readers Speak

10/2/2015   category: EMV Migration

Thanks for reprinting the EMV Migration Forum's white paper Understanding the U.S. Fraud Liability Shifts in your Sept. 14 issue. We hope it proves to be a useful tool for your readers in assisting merchants.

As we enter this critical time in the migration to EMV chip cards, educating consumers on the technology is an important step. Many consumers already have at least one chip card in their wallets, and more and more retailers are going to start accepting them ahead of the Oct. 1 fraud liability shift. Target, for example, just announced that all of its stores are now ready to accept chip cards.

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