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Merchant Services


Credit Card Processing

Establishing a merchant account with PayTech 360 is easy. Take advantage of our free equipment offerings and receive competitive processing rates.

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Debit Card Processing

Choose the ability to accept a debit card due to lower processing and fraud costs associated with PIN. Debit is the most preferred method of payment by consumers today.

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Electronic Check Acceptance

Enabling merchants to accept and process checks electronically in all environments, safely and securely. Solutions for merchants that are accepting paper checks.

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Gift Card Programs

Merchants can increase cash flow, consumer spending, and encourage repeat visits with our Gift Card solutions. Our company provides with all sizes packages.

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Loyalty Programs

Comprehensive loyalty solutions and capabilities empower you to drive loyalty throughout a customer's lifecycle by creating programs targeting your best customers to keep them coming back.

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EBT Programs

Electronic benefits transfer (EBT) acceptance is simple with PayTech360, and an easy way to attract new customers and increase your retention of existing customers while supporting your community.

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Mobile Payments and Apple Pay

Now, with Apple Pay,consumers are ready to tap and pay anywhere contactless payments are accepted. We are excited to bring this technology to your business.

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Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant cash advances are a viable alternative for many businesses because they provide needed capital that may not be available through traditional channels.

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Equipment Leasing

PayTech360 provides ISOs and merchants with cost-effective solutions for leasing quality POS equipment. Leasing equipment - check what benefits it includes.

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