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Check Acceptance

Find a better way to accept checks

Virtual Check Processing

A web-based point-of-sale application that allows businesses to accept electronic checks.

  • Set up check payments online.

  • Check information is entered electronically using virtual terminal.

  • Ability to set up recurring payments.

  • Debits can be a one-time charge or set up authorized ACH debit as recurring payments.

  • No installation or upgrade required.

  • 24-hour access to online reporting.

  • Can accept checks through your website.

Check Conversion

Based on the results of check verification, guaranteed funding is provided to the merchant.

  • Process and deposit checks using a check reader or imager connected to a credit card terminal.

  • Instant verification of all checks.

  • Faster availability of funds.

  • No more trips to the bank to deposit checks.

  • Funding is guaranteed for approved checks.

  • Electronic deposit into the merchant's bank account.

Check 21 (Remote Deposit Capture)

Based on the results of check verification, guaranteed funding is provided to the merchant.

  • Accept all types of checks drawn on U.S. banks - personal, business, government, travelers, cashiers, money orders and certified checks, as well as equity lines of credit.

  • Accept checks using our web-based interface and an imager connected to your computer.

  • Direct deposit to your bank account.

  • Instant verification of all checks.

  • No ACH restrictions.

To find out more about our Electronic Check Acceptance Programs, please fill out the form or call 1-855-360-5360.

Industry Facts:

  • Even in an age of electronic banking and online commerce, the paper check accounts for nearly 75 percent of all noncash transactions in American business today.

  • Electronic check services providers help merchants reduce risk with proprietary services such as Electronic Check Acceptance (ECA). ECA converts paper checks into electronic transactions and securely moves funds from the check writer's account into the merchant's account in the same amount of time as a paper check. Merchants that use ECA eliminate returned checks and returned check fees. Returned checks become service providers responsibility.

  • Safer transaction, since potentially fraudulent checks can be uncovered more quickly.

  • A recent American Bank Association study estimated that losses from fraud could be reduced by more than 95 percent through the use of electronic checks.

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