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Equipment Leasing

Equipment Leasing for Small Businesses

PayTech360 helps you to save money on equipment with no upfront investment, low monthly lease rates and single-source convenience for all your equipment and processing services. To lease equipment makes sense for the majority of small businesses because leasing allows for the preservation of cash.

Equipment for Lease Paytech360

Why Lease equipment with PayTech360?

  • Convenient payment options

  • Fixed, low monthly payments

  • Flexible terms

  • No upfront investment

  • Conserve capital

  • Avoid technological obsolescence

Get your equipment and get your money back:

The lease payment is 100% tax deductible for the full amount of the payments you made that year. Consult your accountant about Section 179 Tax Deduction Limit For 2015. If you own a business, you can deduct the purchase price of many types of equipment that is used for business. Over the years, this tax code has helped entrepreneurs and long-established business owners throughout the country write off a big portion of their equipment and technology purchases, enabling them to save money. According to the IRS, the Section 179 tax deduction limit as of January 1st 2015 is $25,000.

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