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Consumers need EMV education, too - Readers Speak

10/2/2015   category: EMV Migration

Readers Speak

Consumers need EMV education, too

Thanks for reprinting the EMV Migration Forum's white paper Understanding the U.S. Fraud Liability Shifts in your Sept. 14 issue. We hope it proves to be a useful tool for your readers in assisting merchants.

As we enter this critical time in the migration to EMV chip cards, educating consumers on the technology is an important step. Many consumers already have at least one chip card in their wallets, and more and more retailers are going to start accepting them ahead of the Oct. 1 fraud liability shift. Target, for example, just announced that all of its stores are now ready to accept chip cards.

The EMV Migration Forum and Payments Security Task Force's educational website, GoChipCard.com, was launched in April 2015 in support of an industrywide commitment to provide consumers with easy-to-use, simple resources and consistent messages about chip cards and their use. In addition to teaching what chip cards are, why they're secure and how to identify a chip card and a chip-enabled terminal, the site was recently enhanced to include information on using chip cards at ATMs.

GoChipCard.com also has dedicated merchant and issuer pages customized to educate them on aspects of chip technology specific to their business interests. These pages include simple explanations of chip technology; what chip technology means to merchants and issuers, as well as to their customers; chip card security features; and next steps to enable chip card acceptance in stores or at the ATM.

Merchants and issuers can download additional resources at GoChipCard.com including training materials, frequently asked questions, infographics and communications best practices. Merchants and issuers are encouraged to use the website content in developing communications for customers, cardholders and employees.

Randy Vanderhoof, EMV Migration Forum


Thanks for letting our readers know about this useful resource, as well as all that you and your colleagues do at Smart Card Alliance to further understanding of EMV implementation.


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